Invest in yourself and get the highest ROI you will ever make.

Whether fulfilling your dream of becoming a virtual CEO, earning passive income, or investing in property..

There would definitely be one Training Program by Riz Ahmed you can rely on to get  you from where you are to where you want to be



My name is Riz Ahmed. I live in West London and been investing in property since 2003. I currently invest in single lets and multi-lets  (HMO’s) across the UK and also own property abroad in Dubai, Toronto.

Apart from my own portfolio, I also joint venture with other property investors to help build a profitable portfolio.

I am a hands-on landlord, meaning I do most of the maintenance, refurbishment  and onboarding of tenants myself with my team of Virtual Assistants.

I love generating passive income from multiple sources , not just from Real Estate. I run other online businesses, including an Amazon FBA and an Outsourcing business called

I am an MBA graduate from Hult International Business School and have a degree in Computer Engineering. I am currently working full time as a Technical Project Manager for a European bank. I have the freedom to make choices in my life.

I’ve been in the property game for almost 15 years and have made many mistakes in the past. This experience has helped me to make smarter investment decisions and achieve my professional goals. 

In my training programs, you will learn how to invest in property efficiently, minimise your time investment, be almost completely hands-off, and generate passive income.

After finishing the program, you will see real estate investing in a new light, not as something lonely and boring, but as something fun and worth your while.

I cannot wait to be with you in this journey and be an instrument to your success. Good luck!